Strengthen and rejuvenate your body through the power of motion and precision. Pilates is an excellent choice for athletes of every discipline, offering a fantastic way to cross-train that helps you develop your body in different and more  complementary ways. The classes are led by one of our skilled therapists with the aim of  helping you get the results you want. Pilates with the Sports Clinic of Melbourne is an affordable and convenient way to support your body, giving you new strength and confidence to do what you love. With our competitive pricing, we strive to put professionally-directed Pilates within everyone’s reach whether you are interested but have never before attended or looking to continue your physical passion. If you’re looking to support laps in the pool, kilometres on the bike or reps at the gym, Pilates is a fantastic choice for every athlete pushing wanting to push their limitations and achieve serious results. Don’t stress if you’re not a keen sportsperson as you’ll love the low-impact toning of the practice. 

A tailored program unique to your body

Running, swimming, cycling, lifting and every other sport all strengthen our bodies in certain ways, but not in others. Whether through gradual build up or sudden trauma, these underdeveloped areas can develop painful and debilitating injuries. Clinical Pilates is a fantastic preventative and corrective treatment for this, and is often recommended as an accompanying treatment to physio or remedial massage. Its precise and targeted nature allows athletes to zero in on specific muscle groups in their bodies, giving them crucial attention and helping them guard against injury. Clinical Pilates is a building process that trains the body to cover for the areas that are naturally taken care of from sport or exercise. With flexibility at its core, Clinical Pilates helps to improve performance in sport despite it being a low-impact toning style of training and development. If you’re looking for a change of pace from the mad-rush that certain sports can provide but are still looking to keep the same motivations, our classes can provide just that!  An initial consultation with our therapists will help us develop a unique plan for you that supports you in your unique goals. You’ll be given specific exercises to do in and out of the studio that help target problem areas and common injury sites, helping you live a healthier, happier and pain-free life. Using a combination of reformers and floor-based exercises, we’ll help build resilience and strength into every part of your body. It all begins with a conversation, so get in touch today to learn more.

Supporting your body

Start a discussion with our staff today and find out how the Sports Clinic of Melbourne can help you reach new heights. Book online, or get in touch with our South Yarra clinic with any questions over the phone on 03 9088 0259 or via email at and we’ll be happy to give you the answers you need.