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A contemporary method of strengthening and rehabilitation delivered by passionate experts.

In our modern and spacious pilates studio, we utilise the latest in Pilates equipment, including Align Pilates reformers, wunda chair, trapeze table and various other pieces of equipment.

Unlike other Pilates studios, we limit our classes to a maximum of 4 participants.





Experience our modern reformer pilates studio with unlimited classes for an entire week for just $1


At The Sports Clinic of Melbourne we offer three options for Pilates exercise depending on your goals and whether you are recovering from an injury or wanting a low-impact form of exercise to help maintain and improve your strength, stability and flexibility.

To get the most out of your Pilates classes, we recommend attending one-two classes per week.

Small Group Classes

Unlike other Pilates studios, we limit our classes to a maximum of 4 participants.

This is so all our clients can receive personal attention throughout the session and your exercises are easily modified on the spot depending on how you are feeling that session.

These classes are recommended for those who do not have an acute injury but want a complete Pilates workout by an allied health professional. In these classes you will work through a similar program as others in the class, with a focus on improving your core strength, balance and control.

$50 per class 

$450 for a class pack of 10 – call 03 9088 0259 to purchase

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a physiotherapy/allied health practitioner-led form of exercise that focuses on your individual goals.

You will be taken through an individual assessment and a number of private 1:1 sessions prior to starting small group classes. It is in these 1:1 sessions where you will learn about the different pieces of equipment, and gain an understanding of your program and the benefits of each exercise.

Our Clinical Pilates small group classes are most suited to those who are focusing on rehabilitating an injury or have goals to improve a specific functional deficit. Our classes have a maximum of 4 participants so you continue to receive personal attention throughout the session to help execute your individual program and exercises correctly.

As you progress through your rehabilitation your program will continue to be reviewed and modified. In these classes you will work through exercises specific to your goals, as well as focusing on building your deep core strength and control to help prevent injury.

1:1 Pilates

At TSCM we want you to feel comfortable and get the most out of your rehabilitation and exercise sessions, which is why we can offer you 1:1 sessions.

This allows you to have your own personal exercise session where your Pilates instructor will work closely with you to help execute correct form and technique for all exercises and when using the equipment. Within these sessions your exercises will be continually progressed to fit with your goals or how you are feeling on the day.

The added benefit of 1:1 sessions is that there is flexibility in the duration of your sessions, whether that be 30, 45 or 60 minute appointment times.

Pre/Post Natal Pilates Classes

During your pregnancy journey there are a lot of physical changes that are happening to your body, both pre- and postnatally, which is why it is very important to continue participating in regular aerobic and strength & conditioning exercise. Pilates is an excellent low-impact form of exercise and helps to prepare your body for childbirth as well as strengthening your body for the physical challenges of early motherhood. 

During your pregnancy you may experience reduced core and pelvic floor strength, reduced stability, changes to posture, and general muscular weakness and tightness. Regular participation in Pilates sessions throughout your pregnancy can reduce the risk of incidences of back and pelvic pain, incontinence and prolapse. As you progress through your pregnancy, your exercises will be modified to suit your needs. 

Pilates post-natally will focus on improving your core and pelvic floor strength, improving your pelvic stability, reducing any abdominal separation, and restoring your normal movement patterns.

The benefits of Pilates both pre- and post-natally are: 

  • Learning effective engagement of pelvic floor and increasing your pelvic floor strength
  • Improved posture and core stability 
  • Improved breath control 
  • Increased global muscular strength and flexibility
  • Improved co-ordination and control 

Please consult your physiotherapist, doctor and/or midwife prior to attending classes to rule out any contraindications that may prevent you from exercising  

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A tailored program unique to your body

An initial consultation with our therapists will help us develop a unique plan for you that supports you in your unique goals. You’ll be given specific exercises to do in and out of the studio that help target problem areas and common injury sites, helping you live a healthier, happier and pain-free life. Using a combination of reformers and floor-based exercises, we’ll help build resilience and strength into every part of your body. It all begins with a conversation, so get in touch today to learn more.